Aarhus - Denmark


If anything were possible, what would you want to build? If you are wondering who can help translate your vision into reality and maybe even take it to a higher level… We are ARDESS. Maybe you are a professional whose job it is to keep everyone happy and ensure not only “return on investments”, but also sound, sustainable and even award-winning architecture, which can give you well-earned recognition? Maybe you are in search of someone who can manage a unique piece of land or complex setting to create a home tailored for you and your family? Or maybe you are simply searching for something else. Something better.

Casa minimalista em Risskov – Dinamarca

A casa minimalista da dupla, está localizada em Risskov, na Dinamarca. Seu projeto possui 371,50m² de área construída, e o conceito do projeto é baseado em uma geometria simples aliada a necessidade de conservar a privacidade dos moradores, sem perder a iluminação natural no interior da casa. Na fachada do projeto foram utilizadas duas janelas […]