Matt Woods Design

Matt Woods Design

Sydney - Austrália


Matt has always been different. His mum will vouch for that. As a child he spent hours fashioning wooden milk crates and old pieces of furniture into spaceships and devices for time travel. On his 10th birthday he actually disappeared for 4 hours only to return, heavily tattooed, looking 20 years older and muttering about a sustainable future and strange cafes made from storage containers.
Bares e Restaurantes Comercial

Casa de Chá em Sydney, Austrália | The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole, Organic Tea Bar Localizado em Sydney na Austrália a Casa de chá The Rabbit Hole, Organic Tea Bar é o projeto mais recente do designer Matt Woods. O projeto reinventa o conceito de casa de chá feminino “chá-mulher” utilizando a arquitetura inerente dos locais industriais. Pisos de concreto polido, teto de madeira, […]