Tóth Project Építésziroda Kft

Tóth Project Építésziroda Kft

Kapuvár - Hungary


"It is my honest aim to share our joy with you. Although the basic idea of the house is already a year old and since then we know – on paper – that the house will be good and nice (of course?), but despite our outstanding visual talent we did not think it will be this wonderful!!! Now that the structure is finished, we see it day by day, how big volume the house has and how sunshine peeps in (even on winter days) our living-room, how beautiful the panorama from the terrace will be....etc. Fact that you dared to dream bigger than us and – although this dream has its price – we are glad you did not dissuade us from this project. I think I do not have to wait until the house is completed to say THANK YOU for everything also on behalf of Andreas! Have a nice day, with best regards, Tünde & Andreas"
Casas Casas de Campo

Chalé Contemporâneo em Kapuvár na Hungria

O chalé contemporâneo – projetado pelo Tóth Project Architect Office – fica em Kapuvár, uma pequena cidade da Hungria que faz divisa com a Áustria e possui cerca de 11.000 habitantes. A cidade é conhecida por suas águas termais além da gastronomia e as bonitas casinhas com jardins de flores coloridas. Foi um grande desafio para os arquitetos desenhar o chalé […]