Wall House - CTA Creative Architects. Hall de Entrada com muito verde, tijolinho deitado,teto de vidro e muita natureza.

Curadoria: Felipe Pereira

Texto pelo arquiteto

According to recently published scientific studies, indoor air quality is much more polluted than outdoor air. Therefore, when working with the customer, we discussed a lot about the idea of a building that can breathe 24/24.

Through the process of working, the Wall house is gradually shaped: A house is made up of eight separate space surrounded by ordinary walls. These eight blocks are interspersed and intersect with a common space, which is formed from breathing walls. The breathing wall consists of 2 elements:

  • Open wall system is the first layer to prevent bad effects from the outside environment but still allows fresh air and light into the house.Hole bricks are lined up in the opposite direction with the conventional method of construction. With such arrangement, the brick holes create air vents that let fresh air and light into the building
  • The garden space is a second layer to prevent the negative impact of the external environment on the living space inside. These two layers protect the building equivalent to a normal wall but still ensure the air and light circulation.

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